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Nicki’s ability to interpret Jazz Classics effortlessly and stylishly has made her a well-respected Jazz singer over recent years.  She was awarded Jazz Yorkshire Vocalist of the year 2011 and later Website of the year 2012. She works regularly with her Jazz Sextet, who perform gigs & Festivals throughout the year and currently have 2 Albums available available to buy on iTunes.  She is a regular Big Band Vocalist with The Manhattan Sound Big Band and the Ronnie Bottomley Jazz Orchestra, A solo Piano Vocalist with a weekly residency at the Harrogate Brasserie, a Recording Artist and Session Singer, a Jazz and Pop Singing Tutor and Voice Coach at the Royal Northern College of Music, Choir Director for Seven Jazz and has toured around the world on a Cruise Ship. Please have a look around the website and sign up for the monthly newsletter for up to date gigs in and around the North. 


Once in a while along comes the 'complete vocalist, that rare and talented individual who can take any style and turn it effortlessly into their own. Nicki Allan is that vocalist - Whether it be Jazz, Soul, Gospel or Blues, Nicki's rich timbre and superb vocal range enable her to move the hearts of the most hardened sceptic and draw in the listener to connect in a way rarely experienced nowadays.


 Nicki's musical ability was apparent from an early age. Initially learning the piano as a child she then went on to study as a classical pianist at the Leeds College of music gaining a First Class Degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music. It was whilst on the Jazz course that Nicki discovered her vocal talents, an ability that was immediately obvious and was to pave the way for her later success. As a second study Double Bass player, constantly changing roles between the Double bass section in the College Symphony orchestra and an up-right Jazz bass player in an all-girl Dixieland band, the opportunity to sing and play presented itself, introducing Nicki to the world of professional gigs and live audiences.


After graduating, Nicki went on to combine teaching music with an ever-growing performing schedule, which explored a variety of avenues. From touring with bands in the 90’s, working the Cabaret circuits and touring Germany and Ireland with her then band. Infatuation. Television work, excessively enjoyable large amounts of session work for indie music projects, Sega, Sony, Alton Towers and P & O show backings, song writing, the lovely Celtic song trio, featuring ‘Love’s A Lonely Traveller” and working with many Jazz ensembles and Big Bands Summer Season work, Cruise ships in more recent years, on the M.V Aegean Odyssey as a Jazz Piano vocalist and Cabaret Singer. 


Combined with her hectic performing schedule, Nicki is a well-known music Educator, teaching Pop and Jazz voice, Ensembles, the LCM Gospel choir for many years at Leeds College of Music and now Principle Study Voice Tutor for BA Pop at The Royal Northern College of Music. She also runs the Seven Jazz Voices Choir in Chapel Allerton who also regularly makes special guest appearances performing throughout the year.  Nicki has always been an ambassador for young talent and encourages others to believe in themselves in the pursuit of their own personal musical journey. If you would like to join the choir then please send an email via the contact page or come along to one of our rehearsals at Inkwell.